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Good Mornin!

Gooood mornin’ lovelies! It’s a gorgeous autumn morning and we’re reminiscing after coming across old photos! As Facebook kindly reminded us, it’s 6 years ago to the day when we took our first trip to Germany, well before Yellow Door was even a twinkle in our eye! Berlin is bloody beautiful in the Autumn and […]

Stuttgart Update!

Established in 1926 and originally ran by a group of like minded, passionate and driven female artists, GEDOK originally started out as a collective of artists who would meet to support one another in their creative practices. During the war their meetings would take place underground. GEDOK house, was then built in 1948 and would […]

Zei – The Beginning Of Something Else

We are over the moon to announce that we’ve been successful in securing funding which, next week, will see ourselves embark on the first leg of what we hope to be a long standing project for ourselves and St. Helens! After a long time spent working behind the scenes, with our heads buried deep within […]