Zei: opens May 2018

Zei’ is a project we’re working on which will see ourselves and artists in St. Helens’ twin town, Stuttgart, building and developing an artist exchange to open new creative connections overseas.

We are the Change

We Are The Change was a pop up exhibition inviting artists and designers from st helens to showcase their work in a unique setting both to highlight the and bring into focus the artistic talent within the town and to also raise funds for a charity close to our hearts, Cardiac Risk in the Young.


A cross collaborative and multi disciplinary exhibition from our residency at University Centre St. Helens’ 2016 – 2017, showcasing our own and two other North West artists work working in painting and performance

You Need Us

To commemorate the centenary of the beginning of the First World War, You Need Us made a response from a female perspective and addressed the important and often overlooked roles of Mother, Lover and Maiden never to wed during the First World War.

This exhibition addressed and acknowledged the responsibility which women undertook and the mental and emotional turmoil they underwent on the Homefront through painting, drawing and installation pieces and photographic media.