Good Mornin!

Gooood mornin’ lovelies! It’s a gorgeous autumn morning and we’re reminiscing after coming across old photos! As Facebook kindly reminded us, it’s 6 years ago to the day when we took our first trip to Germany, well before Yellow Door was even a twinkle in our eye! Berlin is bloody beautiful in the Autumn and we recommend everybody go if they can! It was back in our uni days when we were studying for our Fine Art Painting Degrees @sthelenscollege, spending silly amounts of money on coffee, wearing matching painting overalls, dreaming of residencies overseas and frankly, secretly wondering how we would survive in the art world after graduating! 🙈 We say it was this trip where we discovered the similiarties in both our work and apparently, our shared interestest in Feng Shui after we mentally rearranged our whole room in the apartment we were staying in! 🙈🤓 We have continued to work together ever since, both as business partners and also best mates! Fast forward six years and we’re in the middle of planning our first overseas project for 2018, amongst many other crazy ideas we cant wait to get our teeth into! We’re also still spending too much money on coffee and spending our first night in Stuttgart ‘Feng Shui’ing’ our studio was something that just came naturally to us! 😉 Much like working together does! Here’s to collaborative practice, crazy/mutual ideas, good vibes and caffeine! Now then, we’re off for a coffee! Have a lovely day beauts 👊🏻🍂☕️🌎👯 . . . . . #weareyellowdoor #projectzei #sthelenstostuttgart #artistduo #artistcollaboration #berlin #stuttgart #bauhaus #germany

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