Zei – The Beginning Of Something Else

We are over the moon to announce that we’ve been successful in securing funding which, next week, will see ourselves embark on the first leg of what we hope to be a long standing project for ourselves and St. Helens!

After a long time spent working behind the scenes, with our heads buried deep within the archives of St. Helens history, we are super excited to share with you our next project, ‘Zei: The Beginning of Something Else’.

‘Zei’ aims to build and develop an artist exchange between St. Helens’ twin-town in Germany, Stuttgart. St. Helens has a strong link with Stuttgart stretching back 70 years and we would like to begin to create new, artistic connections whilst re-establishing pre-exisiting relationships with the town.

Town twinning, partnerships and connections have increasingly been used to form international business links to encourage trade and tourism. We believe establishing these links with creative groups should be no exception and would improve the scope and coverage of creative international opportunities and other working relationships for St. Helens with a diverse range of arts organisations in Europe.

Next week, we are really excited to be visiting Stuttgart for a reseacrh trip to begin what we hope will be a long standing project. It will allow ourselves as practitioners to explore and develop our own individual practices within another community; meeting new people and sharing disciplines and ultimately, through our own response as artists, translate our experience of the exchange and create a body of work as Yellow Door Artists.

We’d like to think that this cross cultural exchange will increase exposure for the arts within St. Helens on an international level. It will provide both artists and the communities in St. Helens and Stuttgart with the opportunity to experience international art in the future.
We hope what ‘Zei’ will do, is contribute towards putting an emphasis on the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersing into St Helens culture, in the hope to expand upon larger friendships and begin new collaborations for future artists within the town.

We look forward to sharing our visit with you!
N & R